Five More New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Writers

Continuing our New Year’s resolution theme for January, today AuthorHouse presents five more ideas for self-publishing writers (you can read our first five suggestions here). Pick a few that intrigue you and see what happens. Remember, progress is the goal, not perfection!


WritingWrite in a new genre. Last time, we recommended reading in a new genre. What about writing in one? We’re not suggesting that you write an entire book in a genre you’re not passionate about, but what about an article or short story? Or a flash fiction piece of under 1,000 words? Step outside your comfort zone and grow as a writer!


Try writing in a new location. You probably have a favorite place to write, whether it’s your office, living room, or kitchen. Experiment with new locations and see how it affects your writing and your imagination. A new environment (whether it’s a library, coffee shop, hotel room, or even a train) might provide stimulation that’s lacking in more familiar spots.


Gain some depth on your subject. Even if you’re already well-versed in your genre, there are probably gaps in your knowledge. Do some fresh research on your subject, whether it’s by reading a book, visiting a museum, or watching a documentary. Not only will you will increase your expertise, you might find ideas for your next book.


Complete one of your unfinished projects. We all have that incomplete story or article in a forgotten corner of our hard drive somewhere. But whatever your reason for abandoning the story, you were inspired enough by its initial idea to start writing it in the first place. Now you can approach it with a fresh mind; try to finish it this year, even if that means scrapping all but the main idea and starting from page one!


Submit one of your completed works to a contest. No matter what genre you write in, there are probably contests for your story. Enter one–or more! The worst that can happen is you get some valuable feedback about your writing; at best, you might win an award that increases visibility for you and your work.


We’ll present more New Year’s resolution ideas later this month. Thanks for visiting Author’s Digest and have a great weekend! Follow AuthorHouse on Facebook and Twitter. For more information about how you can become a published author, click here for our FREE Publishing Guide.







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