New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

AuthorHouse wishes you all a Happy New Year! We hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday season with friends and family, and we wish you more happiness and success in 2018.


New YearsWe all have areas in which we’d like to improve, and it’s only natural that our thoughts turn to these Achilles Heels this time of year. With that in mind, this entire month we’ll be offering some resolution ideas—specifically for self-publishing writers!


Start calling yourself a writer. Do you write? Then you’re a writer. Call yourself that! Attitude goes a long way. You don’t have to wait until you hit the bestsellers list or sell a certain number of copies.


Spend less time on social media. It’s important to maintain a presence on social media so that you can interact with current readers, find new ones, and develop your platform. At the same time, an hour spent on Facebook is an hour you won’t be writing; carve out time for your writing first, and then work in social media in the time that’s left–not the other way around.


Try a new social media site. No, this suggestion doesn’t conflict with the one above. If you’re already devoting 30 minutes a day to site X, alternate that half hour (every other day) between sites X and Y. If you’re already active on Facebook, why not try Twitter? Or Tumblr? Or a blog? Pick a site that interests you, open a new account devoted to you as a writer, and try to update it at least once per week. It’s a great way to find a new audience!


Reclaim a half hour per day for writing. No time to write each day? Pay attention to how you spend your time for a few days and make some adjustments. Is there a TV show you’re watching more out of habit than genuine interest? Or that quiet hour while the kids are doing homework? If writing is important enough for you, you’ll find the time!


Branch out into other genres. We all have a favorite genre to read in (probably the same genre you write in). Pick a popular book of a genre that you normally wouldn’t read and try the first hundred pages or so; you might find yourself pleasantly surprised! And, best of all, you’ll become a better writer, the same way that a boxer can become a better overall fighter by learning some grappling moves.


We’ll continue to offer more resolution ideas this month. Have a great weekend, and thanks for visiting Author’s Digest. All the best in 2018!


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