Nine Tips for Marketing Your Book on Amazon

Among book retailers, self-publishing and traditional, Amazon is the 800-pound gorilla. While we advise you to spread your marketing energy across all the platforms on which your book is available, Amazon deserves special attention. With that in mind, today AuthorHouse presents nine tips for successfully marketing your book on Amazon!


Ask for reviews: Talk to your writing group, friends, and family, and see if you can get some truthful reviews. A book with no reviews looks like a book that no one wants to read.


People will judge your book by its cover: Make sure your cover is professional-looking, eye-catching, appropriate for your genre, and clearly visible when it’s only a thumbnail image.


Include a sample: Don’t forget a “Look Inside” sample so potential customers can get a taste of your story. And while your goal should be an error-free manuscript from start to finish, make sure your “Look Inside” sample is perfect!


Promote on social media: Announce your book’s release on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media sites or forums you frequent. Having said that, though…


Delay your announcement–but just a little: Once you’ve verified that your book is available on Amazon, let a few reviews from your “inner circle” of readers accumulate before you announce its release to the public at large.


Write a great description: Don’t write a good description–write a great one. Test it with friends and family, and solicit feedback. Does it grab their interest? Accurately describe the book? Clearly place it into a genre, and target readers of that genre?


Check your category: Make sure that your book has been placed in the correct category. Many readers cruise to the page for a particular category or genre to see what’s new, and if you’re “on the wrong shelf,” they won’t find you.


Review other writers’ work: If you want to receive online, you have to give. Giving thoughtful, constructive reviews of fellow writers’ books makes them much more likely to return the favor.


Repeat! Promoting your book isn’t necessarily a full-time job, but you should devote time to it regularly–not just between publishing one book and beginning the next. A little time spent each week is better than promotion “bursts” once or twice a year.


We all prefer writing over marketing—that’s why we got into writing and not advertising! But self-publishing frequently means self-promoting too, and a little energy—wisely spent—can pay huge dividends in new readers and sales.


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