Ten Marketing Mistakes You’re Making

Authors can be an introverted bunch at times. While this won’t necessarily hurt your writing, it can be a hindrance when it comes time to handle marketing. Today, AuthorHouse presents ten things you might not be doing to promote yourself and your book—but should!


Not updating your website: We’re not talking about adding new content (although you should certainly be doing that!) You should consider occasionally changing your site’s design, theme, and/ or color scheme so that readers know instantly that your site is active.



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Not giving away free copies of your book: Don’t just give away copies to a select group of readers. Keep local libraries, hospitals, hotels—anyplace where people might find themselves waiting—in mind too. It allows you to give to your community while finding new readers.


Not contacting your local radio station: Check local radio stations, especially ones that have programs that feature authors. Even if you only get a few minutes of air time, those minutes could potentially introduce you to thousands of people in your town.



Not guest blogging: If you’re a regular reader of a blog, find out if you might be able to contribute a post (and, if you have your own blog, invite other writers to contribute to yours.) Make sure your material is useful though, not just a plug for your book.


Not attending conventions: Whatever genre you write in, there are probably associated groups and conventions for writers and fans. If costs permit, make sure you attend at least some of them. It provides you with an opportunity to meet readers outside your local area.


Not exchanging reviews: If you have other writers in your social circle, propose a review exchange (where you read each other’s book, and then write a review on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.)


Not responding to emails and comments from readers: Depending on your popularity, it might be impossible to reply to everyone; however, the occasional response shows that you actually care about readers’ comments and are engaging with them.


Not deleting a social media site or two: Yes, you read that correctly. While social media is a very valuable tool in your marketing toolbox, it’s possible to get so involved that your writing suffers. Take a look at your friends, followers, and activity on each of your sites, and see if there is a site that could be deleted (just inform readers that you’re doing so, and direct them to your other sites!)


Not giving away “freebies”: While you’ll want to protect you story and not give away too much too soon, consider releasing a few pages of your book on your blog, Facebook page, etc. ahead of publication. It can help raise interest in your new book—always a good thing.


Not contacting your local newspaper: Plenty of people still get a newspaper delivered to their doorstep each morning (or read one at the coffee shop.) Reach out to your local newspaper (or a newspaper from the area in which your book is set) and see if they’d be interested in interviewing you.


If you’re still looking for some items to add to your New Year’s resolution list, why not give some of our suggestions a try? Some small additions to your marketing plan—a few minutes a week—can pay huge dividends.


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