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Last week, we introduced AuthorHouse author Agaba Samuel Rujumba, whose self-published book Story Time at Hanwel was called “a one-of-a-kind compilation of moral tales for children of all ages and descriptions” by Foreword Reviews. You can read the first part of Samuel’s interview in our Author Blogs section.


This week, Samuel tells us more about his book and his upcoming plans.


Story Time at HanwelSamuel, who is the intended audience for your book, Story Time at Hanwel?


Story Time at Hanwel combines historical and current events with elements of faith and scripture, and is a one-of-a-kind compilation of moral tales for children of all ages and descriptions; however, its themes and topics can benefit adults too. Stories are set everywhere, from the slums of Nairobi to Jerusalem’s Western Wall, and tackle heavy subject matter including war, bombs, death, hunger, stealing, lynching, and the persecution of twins in West Africa. Various historical atrocities, including the 1994 Rwandan civil war and genocide, as well as the dangerous rule of Idi Amin, may prompt further exploration.


“Different Colours, Nice People,” and “Be Kind to Refugees and Strangers in Your Community” are two chapters (among many) of particular contemporary global relevance that can be used as a springboard for further discussions. In the story “The Merchant of Sudan and His Dog,” Abu severely beats then kills his faithful dog for barking. Although he later regrets it, the unexpected cruelty and accompanying picture may prompt children to have a positive attitude towards animals.


What inspired you to write your book? How long did it take you to finish it?


Declining morals in children inspired me to write this book. It took me a year to finish.


Author Agaba Samuel Rujumba

Author Agaba Samuel Rujumba

What’s the one message you’d like to convey to readers through Hanwel?


Humility, positive attitude and good morals are the foundation for a stable and peaceful society. When we get the children at a young age, they will take us there.


What was your favorite part of self-publishing?


Self-publishing sets a platform for self-confidence and an “I can do it” attitude.


What advice would you give to the other aspiring authors out there?


You can never know your ability until you try–and the time to try your ability is now!


What are you working on next?


Part two of Story Time at Hanwel is my next project.




Thank you very much for your time, Samuel, and best of luck with the Story Time at Hanwel sequel–we’re looking forward to it already!


Story Time at Hanwel is available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore. Follow AuthorHouse on Facebook and Twitter. For more information about how you can become a published author, click here for our FREE Publishing Guide.




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