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Today we conclude our discussion with Alicia Garcia, the associate director of Project WeHOPE and the self-published author of Overcoming Obstacles. In the first part of our interview, available here, Alicia told us about her background and her book. This time, we’ll hear about her self-publishing experience and upcoming plans, as well as her advice for other writers.


Overcoming ObstaclesAlicia, what’s the one message you’d like to convey to readers about your book?


Any obstacle, regardless of how overwhelming it is, can be overcome as long as you stay focused, keep a positive mindset, practice authentic forgiveness, and do not give up. You have the tools you need for success–you just may need to fine-tune them.


What was your favorite part of self-publishing?


Self-publishing with AuthorHouse was a great experience because we worked together as a team, and I didn’t have to concern myself with the aspects of publishing that are out of my wheelhouse. I was able to focus on writing and providing a good manuscript. They handled the details, and their design team created both a beautiful cover and a very professional interior design. They took care of things that I never would have considered. Additionally, they called and emailed me to check on my progress and made sure that I remained encouraged.


What advice would you give to other aspiring authors?


Don’t try to do everything by yourself. It’s well worth the investment to work with AuthorHouse–the quality of their work is amazing and worth every cent! Your project will far exceed your expectations and you will not be stressed out.


What are you working on next?


I have two projects that I’d like to start working on next year. The first is about dating and healthy relationships, and will be geared towards young people. Upon its completion, I would like to write a book about anger and what happens when people don’t learn to deal with their emotional pain.


Author Alicia Garcia

Author Alicia Garcia

Are there any events or promotions planned for Overcoming Obstacles?


I’m in the process of planning a large book-signing party and tour. I have several speaking engagements scheduled, which will be included on the tour.


Is there anything you’d like to add before we wrap things up? 


If you are considering writing a book, I highly suggest that you take an online writing course as your initial step. There you will gain the tools that you need to stay focused and finish in record time. You have a message that the world needs to hear–stay focused and don’t give up!




Thank you very much for your time, Alicia, and best of luck with your book (as well as your future projects!) Readers, Overcoming Obstacles is available at Amazon and the AuthorHouse Bookstore.


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