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Sanjini Bhakta

Actress. Film producer. Model. Self-published author. Black belt martial artist. Two-time AuthorHouse author Sanjini Bhakta is a multi-hyphenate if ever there was one.


And to that already impressive list of accomplishments, we can now add “Author’s Digest contributor,” as Sanjini graciously gave us her time to talk about herself, her books, and her self-publishing experience.


Sanjini, please tell us about yourself.


Sanjini Bhakta is a writer and actress. She was born in Zimbabwe, Africa where she won many literary Eisteddfods and then went to colleges in Oklahoma, California and Texas. She received her Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Texas at Austin and her Master’s degree in Speech Communications from Texas State University. Sanjini also writes movie scripts and for online magazine publications.


What is your writing style and literary influences?


I write with spontaneity, imagination, creativity and freedom. That is when ideas and stories come to me quickly and effortlessly.  Writing in a simple and direct manner is my style. A story should be told in a simple way.  I don’t like complicated sentences with very long explanations. Many writers think that that makes them eloquent but I think it is the opposite. I also trust my instincts and intuition when I write.


My literary influences are mostly from British literature. I grew up reading Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, William Shakespeare and other classics. I also like French and Russian literature such as books by Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugo, Fydor Dostoevsky and Ivan Turgenev. I also like Greek plays by Sophocles and Euripides. You cannot go wrong with the classics – it is the foundation of good writing.


I enjoy writing children’s books because I can use my imagination and tell fun stories. In the end, I think that stories should be entertaining. I have written fifteen creative children’s stories which I wish to publish. I have also written an animated feature called “Beverly Hills Skunk” which I wish to produce. For movie scripts, I like to write in the genres of action/adventure and provocative themes of dating, relationships and sexuality.


Check back at Author’s Digest next week for the continuation of our interview with Sanjini Bhakta. Her books, The Chocolate Pony and My Life as a Dollar Bill, are available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore. More information and interviews are available at the following sites:


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“The Chocolate Pony” book video


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Sanjini Bhakta’s Children’s Stories


1)      Matilda, the Most Expensive Pig in the World – about a sow in Provence, France who digs for truffle mushrooms and gets stolen by a thief.
2)      Wobbles the Jellyfish Goes to School – Jellyfish have no brains, eyes, ears or heart so how is Wobbles going to pass his exams in a classroom with other fish and crustaceans?
3)      Pedro, the Blue Frog – is a South American blue frog that is different from the other green frogs.
4)      Milly, the Lazy Goat – has never climbed up a mountain in the whole of Austria.
5)      The Inquisitive Bear – a reverse Goldilocks story of a bear that enters an empty cottage in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.
6)      The Man Whose Beard Grew so Long – fairytale takes place in India centuries ago. A king’s beard grows longer and longer the greedier he gets until it wraps around the globe several times blocking ships from crossing the oceans, etc.
7)      Shaka, the Timid Lion – does not live up to his name in Zululand.
8)      Izzy and his Pet Snails – Izzy has two pet snails but they escape one day.
9)      A Tale of Two Knights – Two siblings play a game of chess and when they go to sleep the chess pieces come to life and the kids participate in the medieval battle.
10)     The Unusual Pie – a boy bakes a pecan pie that overflows into the city of New Orleans because of a magic potion in it.
11)     The Mischievous Dress – Every time a girl wears this dress it makes her do some mischievous things and she eventually overcomes her shyness.
12)      Walter, the Snouzer – Walter is a stubborn snouzer who does not enjoy Xmas.
13)      Origins of the Universe – Children’s version of where we came from.
14)      Cassidy and the T-Rex – Cassidy’s adventures with the T-Rex.
15)      Poppy the Pumpkin – A Thanksgiving story about a pumpkin finding a home.

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