AuthorHouse’s Dr. Charles Levy – The Age of the Empire of Influence, Part Four

In the final part of a four-part series, AuthorHouse author Charles L. Levy, neurosurgeon and former military advisor, returns to Author’s Digest to discuss the United States and its policies toward Iran. Charles is the self-published author of the award-winning novel El Volcan.


You can find parts one, two and three on the Author Blogs page here.




AuthorHouse author Charles L. Levy

AuthorHouse author Charles L. Levy

Since the end of World War II, our policy has been the condescending, culturally ignorant “carrot-and-stick” approach which can be summed up easily as simply, “we’ll give you foreign aid if you do what we tell you to do.”  I’d be fascinated to learn of major, unequivocal foreign policy successes based on this unenlightened approach.  Our other approach can be summarized as ‘gunboat diplomacy,’ which hasn’t yielded much success either.


While Iran’s ability to produce nuclear weapons is extraordinarily worrisome (the Iranians probably already possess several warheads acquired from outside of Iran,) how is it the prerogative of the United States to tell Iran it can or cannot produce anything?  How productive would such a position be in terms or our ability to eventually re-initiate trade and diplomatic relations with Iran?  Are we ever justified in telling another sovereign nation how to manage its own internal affairs?  The answer for me is quite clearly no.



IR-40 facility, Arak, Iran

The age of Pax Americana and the American Empire is past and is no longer even necessary; we have our own overwhelming set of problems right here in the United States that need serious attention.  It seems that history has brought us to a moment when we can easily best serve the security considerations of everyone in the Middle East and ourselves by simply butting out and letting the parties that are directly involved sort the situation out for themselves.  The results would probably be superior to anything we can achieve through unimaginative, ill-considered bullying.  Diplomacy with Iran is not the most reasonable course–it is the only reasonable course.  The Age of the Empire of Influence is over.




AuthorHouse would like to thank Dr. Levy for his insightful and educational contribution to Author’s Digest. We welcome comments and responses below.

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