AuthorHouse’s Gloria D. Gonsalves and Mists of Sense

This week, AuthorHouse is thrilled to welcome back self-published author and poet Gloria D. Gonsalves. Born in Tanzania but currently residing in Germany, Gloria has been a longtime contributor and supporter of Author’s Digest.


Earlier this month, Gloria released Mists of Sense Require Fierce Poesy, and we encourage our readers to check it out (along with her other novels and books of poetry.) And now, we present Gloria D. Gonsalves.


Mists of Sense Require Fierce Poesy
By Gloria D. Gonsalves


AuthorHouse Author Gloria D. GonsalvesAs much as one would love to keep a record of smooth sailings in life, fortunately the road is full of twists and turns. Yes, I consciously choose to accept bumpy times as fortunate. I fiercely wrote, keyboard with with tears, ranted in poems, displayed unbroken pride and dared winning attitudes until I felt divine again. Without those trying moments, I would not have emerged grown to a degree of desiring greatness in me and wider humanity.


When encountering mists of sense, you have a choice to either survive the madness or be misted over by grief and troubles. Whether it is personal or global humanitarian crises, you will have a share of yours to weep for.



Gloria Gonsalves - cao July 2014In this anthology, one will encounter miracles of embracing oneself as a divine being; adulthood and its dilemmas, troubles and heartaches; and national identity, broken homelands with violence and destruction of land and human spirit. However, as the human spirit is resilient, I hope at the end readers will celebrate with me the “winning” attitudes with triumphs over trials.


May you emerge with a kind heart because everything about you is perfect.




As always, thank you very much for your time, Gloria, and we wish you the best of luck with your new book!


For more information about Gloria D. Gonsalves and her books, check out the links below. Thank you for visiting Author’s Digest!


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