AuthorHouse’s Margi Smith and “Sometimes I Feel Blue,” Part Four

Welcome back to AuthorHouse Author’s Digest!  Today we present part four of our interview with Margi Smith, author of the children’s book Sometimes I Feel Blue. Scroll through our Author Blog section to read the first three parts.


In today’s post, Margi talks with us about her book’s marketing strategy.


Margi, are there any events, marketing or promotions planned for your book?


AuthorHouse author Margaret Smith

AuthorHouse author Margaret Smith

I am working with AuthorHouse on a marketing plan. We’re running ads in Baker & Taylor’s e-newsletters, I’ve had promotional materials printed, online listings for the online vendors, and I’ve made contact with The Boston Parent’s Paper who provided a write-up on the book and on their website in their September 2013 issue. Their publisher has provided contacts of four other publishers in their group across the country, and I have sent them copies of the books in hopes of getting some write up in their media properties.


I’ve taken it to local shops who have purchased (and repurchased) the book when it sold out. Copies were sent out to teachers and friends with kids and I’ve had amazing responses, and they’ve purchased it for friends as well.


The most rewarding response I got was from teachers who plan on incorporating the book into their kindergarten curriculums, and maybe one day art therapists will use this in their practices. My next plan is to contact local independent bookstores to see if they are interested in carrying the book.


My local community paper interviewed me and published a great cover story discussing the book and the process of working with my daughter on this project.


I did a panel discussion at my local library with other local authors to discuss the process of self-publishing. As a thank you, I provided the head of circulation with a copy in hopes that they will put in on the shelves in their children’s library. I have contacted friends in the PR business and asked for contact names with media venues that match my reader target.


Basically, if there is an opportunity to get my book into people’s hands and get them to read it and pass it along to another reader, I will be a satisfied author.




Thank you again, Margi. We’ll be back in two weeks with the conclusion of our discussion with self-published author Margi Smith. Sometimes I Feel Blue is available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore.


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