AuthorHouse’s Margi Smith and “Sometimes I Feel Blue,” Part Three

Welcome back to AuthorHouse Author’s Digest, where you have the opportunity to hear about self-publishing from the best mentors of all–your fellow writers.


Today we return with part three of our interview with Margi Smith, author of the children’s book Sometimes I Feel Blue. We also encourage you to read parts one and two, where Margi talks about her background, literary influences, and inspirations.


And now, more with self-published author Margi Smith.


AuthorHouse author Margaret Smith

AuthorHouse author Margaret Smith

Margi, what is the one message you’d like to convey to readers about your book?


One of the biggest messages I want to convey to my readers is to take away the frustration of not being able to express how they are feeling. Provide awareness for open communication with your child. Teach your child emotional intelligence. Allow them their own feelings and provide them ways to express their feelings in their own way and as creatively as they can.


It seems like there are way too many people lashing out aggressively with their feelings and being hurtful to those around them- both emotionally and physically because of frustration. If we as adults can open that communication channel, teach children to be aware of their feelings and be more emotionally intelligent, and able to explore and express their feelings in their own way it would be so much better. This is a useful reading and discussion tool with kids from 3-8 yrs as well as those who have special issues and difficulty expressing feelings and emotions.


What was your favorite part of the self-publishing experience?


One of my most satisfying moments of the self-publishing journey was seeing the copyright date and ISBN page. I knew my dream of being a published author was a reality at that moment.


sometimesWhat advice would you give to an aspiring author?


Never give up your dream to publish your story. Write to keep your creative soul fed and keep learning your craft. Read everyday, talk to anyone who will help you learn something new. Know your target reader and find the best way to reach them


Are you working on a sequel to your book, or another subject matter?


I have a few stories that are in process. Most of them deal with the creative imagination and growing up and facing your fears.




We’ll be back again in a few weeks with the continuation of our interview with Margi Smith. In the meantime, check out Sometimes I Feel Blue in the AuthorHouse Bookstore. Thanks for stopping by!

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