AuthorHouse’s Margi Smith and “Sometimes I Feel Blue,” Part Two

“Something only my closest friends know about me- my middle name is Keats. It is a family name. John Keats is a distant uncle. Having that kind of ancestry has always held a fascination that binds me to the written word.” – AuthorHouse author Margi Smith


Today, we welcome back self-published author Margi Smith to Author’s Digest. In part one, Margi told us a bit about her background and literary influences. Today we’ll start talking about her book, Sometimes I Feel Blue.


AuthorHouse author Margaret Smith

AuthorHouse author Margaret Smith

Margi, could you tell us a little about Sometimes I Feel Blue?


Sometimes I Feel Blue is a book about expressing your feelings. It’s not always easy to tell people how you are feeling with words; sometimes you have to express your feelings in different ways. Stella, the character in the book, shows children that there are many ways to express themselves in their own individual way. Whether it’s a song or dance, a belly laugh or drawing your favorite picture, readers will be able to laugh and draw along with Stella while they explore new ways to express their feelings each time they read along.


The last page encourages readers to examine their own feelings with a statement that reads; “Today I feel…”  There are blank pages in the back that are meant for the reader to color their feelings.


sometimesWhat inspired you to write the book and how long did it take to finish it?


I have a ton of great characters and stories rumbling around my head and in various notebooks. Their stories will someday come to life, I hope. I create these stories in my head at the weirdest times; in the car, in the grocery store, sitting in my backyard with my dog. I write on any piece of paper I can get my hands on, be it a grocery list, a bookmark or a piece of paper from my recycling pile under my desk.


This particular story, Sometimes I Feel Blue, I wrote one summer. I brought it to my daughter and asked her if she would like to be the illustrator since she is in the process of getting her masters in expressive art therapy at Lesley University. It felt very personal too, since this was my first attempt at getting this story published. It really was such a gift to be able to collaborate with my daughter on this project. The entire process took us about two years to complete.




Thanks, Margi! Sometimes I Feel Blue is available at the AuthorHouse Bookstore, and we encourage our readers to check it out. We’ll have more from our interview with Margi Smith early next month.


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