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Welcome back to Author’s Digest! We hope all our readers had a great weekend. Today we’ll continue our interview with AuthorHouse’s Carolyn Breckinridge, author of the mystery novels Tuscaloosa Boneyard and Tuscaloosa Moon (you can read the first part of our interview here).


Carolyn, tell us about your books.


tuscaloosa-moonTuscaloosa Moon and Tuscaloosa Boneyard feature a female detective, Addie Bramson, and her clinical psychologist husband, Dr. Luke Bramson. Both mysteries include a large number of other characters, and this is perhaps a little daunting to readers when the books first begin. But it doesn’t take long before everyone and everything begin to fall into place. It’s a series, so several of the characters in Tuscaloosa Boneyard have their roots in Tuscaloosa Moon.


Humor is a major aspect in my writing. And there are two or three mysteries going on simultaneously in each novel to keep the reader entertained!


Both novels are set in the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I enjoy sharing our city and state with readers from around the world. I actually grew up traveling the world due to my father’s career, and I learned early-on that people are very similar everywhere despite cultural differences. So even though these books are set in Tuscaloosa and have the city’s name in their titles, the human experiences are common to all.


What inspired you to write your books? How long did it take you to finish them?


Author Carolyn Breckinridge

Author Carolyn Breckinridge

In my work as a clinical social worker, I quickly learned that unsung heroes are everywhere–they come in every age, shape, and walk of life. They go about making the world a more positive place, often without others knowing of (or understanding) their contributions. They are my inspiration.


A well-known national writer once told a friend of mine that to be truly successful as a fiction author, one needs to publish a novel a year. Well, I didn’t think that would be much of a challenge, but each of my mysteries to date has taken three years to complete. So, I have a ways to go! But I only write at night after my day’s responsibilities and activities have quieted.




We’ll present the conclusion of Carolyn’s interview next week. Both of her books are available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore!


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