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Author’s Digest welcomes Carolyn Breckinridge to our contributor community! Carolyn is the author of two self-published mystery novels with AuthorHouse, and is currently working on her third.


Hi Carolyn, thanks for talking with us! Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


carol-breckinridge-resizedMy name is Carolyn Ezell and thus far I have published two novels, Tuscaloosa Boneyard (2016) and Tuscaloosa Moon (2013) in my mystery series with AuthorHouse, and I’m beginning work on the third. I write under the pen name Carolyn Breckinridge. Nancy Drew mysteries were all the rage when I was a child and I couldn’t read enough of them. As an adult, Encyclopedia Brown became one of my favorites when sharing stories with children. It’s fun to be a sleuth! But I like biographies, autobiographies and historical fiction, too. My preference is to read books that introduce me to new information about our world and the people in it.


My grandmother used to tell the story of my refusing to go to bed at night until all my story books were in bed with me. She said it made for lumpy sleeping. So I can’t remember a time when the written word didn’t influence me and when I didn’t want to be a writer. I studied both English and creative writing in college and later returned to school to become a clinical social worker. As a result, both mysteries in this series emphasize many different forms that love can take, and the importance of having caring, mentoring adults in children’s lives.


tuscaloosa-boneyardWere there any books or authors who influenced your writing style or choice of genre?


My writing voice was probably most heavily influenced by my eleventh grade creative writing teacher, who had the class write the same short story each week throughout the school year, trying to copy the styles of numerous famous authors. To do this, of course, one had to carefully study the ways different writers place words, use characterization, dialogue, description, and action. Although it’s safe to say we all hated the story by year’s end, it was an exceptional way to grow our own styles.




We’ll continue our chat with Carolyn Breckinridge next week. Tuscaloosa Boneyard and Tuscaloosa Moon are both available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore, recommended reading for the mystery fans out there!


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