“Dancing for Dollars” with Victoria M. Howard (Part Two)

Last week, Victoria M. Howard started talking with us about the inspiration behind her book  Dancing for Dollars (read that post here). Today we’ll wrap things up by letting Victoria discuss the research she did to prepare for writing, her promotional efforts, and her other books.


Dancing for Dollars  by Victoria M Howard (Part Two)


Dancing for DollarsQ: How did you come up with the characters?
A: They were all a figment of my wild imagination.


Q: Where did you get the information for it?
A: I personally interviewed dozens of dancers and did a lot of research on subjects like hermaphroditism, S & M and dominatrix–all which is in the book.


Q: What has been the feedback?
A: It got over 100,000 hits and likes on Instagram in a week, and has received five stars on the reviews and have all been positive.


Q: How are you promoting the book?
A: A public relations group in California–Hollywood Trinity–has just started to promote it. It’s perfect for Hollywood!


Q: What about the other books you have written and published with AuthorHouse? Is anything happening with them?
A: Kentucky Horse Park: Paradise Found won a Winnie Award at this year’s EQUUS Film Festival in New York City, and Junior & Elena: A (Horse) Love Story has had a screenplay written as a children’s animation film.


Author Victoria M. Howard

Author Victoria M. Howard

Q: What was your reason for writing it? What was your goal?
A: I wanted to write this book as a fictional novel after meeting the dancers. In general, strippers get a lot of bad publicity and I found that most of the dancers were really nice, intelligent women who had good reasons for doing what they did. This book was not written to scrutinize ecdysiasts or put them down but to show the other side. My goal is for the book to become a movie, for I can certainly see it as one—and a good one.




Thank you for your time, Victoria, and best of luck with all your books! Readers, Victoria will be featured on LA Talk Radio on January 16—check it out! For more information about Dancing for Dollars, check out the following articles in the Las Vegas Informer and Splash Magazines.


Dancing for Dollars (and Victoria’s other books) are available at Amazon.com and the AuthorHouse Bookstore!


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