“Dancing for Dollars” with Victoria M. Howard (Part One)

Welcome back to AuthorHouse Author’s Digest and our first update of 2018! We’re going to kick off the year with a post from relationship columnist, racehorse trainer, beauty queen, host, and self-published author Victoria M. Howard.


Last year, Victoria talked with us about her successful book Kentucky Horse Park: Paradise Found, and this time she’ll tell us about her latest novel, Dancing for Dollars. It’s already collecting rave reviews, and there’s even talk of a film adaptation! As always, we’re happy that she could take time from her writing to chat with Author’s Digest and our readers.


Dancing for Dollars  by Victoria M Howard


Dancing for DollarsDancing for Dollars  is a raucous, intoxicating novel about four young women who come from different parts of the world. Fate leads them to South Florida where they get hired to “dance for dollars” in a high-end gentlemen’s club called 7th Heaven.


After several years dancing, Francesca is discovered and, after posing for Playboy, becomes Hollywood’s new sex siren. Mika moves to Washington D.C. and opens a brothel of gorgeous women who entertain politicians, as well as the mega-rich and famous. Bella falls in love with America’s top model and moves to New York to open a modeling agency, and Abigail opens a South Beach nightclub where her deadly secret follows her.



Q: Is this book a true story?

A: No. It is strictly fiction–although several parts may appear to be real.


Q: How did you get the idea to write this?
A: Several years ago, a friend of mine who owned a S. Florida gentlemen’s club allowed me to interview several employees after I went there for dinner and was amazed at the interaction between the beautiful young dancers and the customers.


Author Victoria M. Howard

Author Victoria M. Howard

Q: Were you ever a stripper?
A: No. In my younger days I was Miss Pittsburgh-A-Go-Go, and was a dancer on a weekly television show (much like American Bandstand).


Q: This book is a provocative, unorthodox novel that is being compared to Fifty Shades of Grey. Do you agree?


A: It definitely is different, and I can see why it is being compared to Fifty Shades.




We’ll present the second part of our Q&A next week. For more information about  Dancing for Dollars, check out the following articles in the  Las Vegas Informer and  Splash Magazines


Victoria will also be featured on LA Talk Radio on January 16!


Dancing for Dollars (and Victoria’s other books) are available at Amazon.com and the AuthorHouse Bookstore!  


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