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This week, we’re excited to welcome Monica Hawkins (Ph.D., M.P.H.) to Author’s Digest. Dr. Hawkins is the self-published author of  Raising Boys Into Extraordinary Young Men, and her latest book  Raising Girls Into Extraordinary Young Women.


Dr. Monica Hawkins

Dr. Hawkins, let’s start by telling our readers a little about you.


I’m a wife, mother, sports fan, and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Since college, I have been a mentor, tutor, track coach, and motivational speaker to numerous elementary, middle, and high school youngsters.


Were there any authors or books that helped you develop your writing style, or influenced your choice of genre?


Yes, motivational and inspirational books. I’ve always loved reading inspirational books ever since I was young. I’m a strong believer that you are what you think. When I started writing both of my books, I knew that they would both be motivational and inspirational books for others to enjoy.


How would you describe your books?


My first book, Raising Boys Into Extraordinary Young Men, helps parents raise their sons to be articulate, self-confident, intelligent, and extraordinary young men and leaders. In the book, parents learn how to teach their sons to be extraordinary from the moment they are born. Pathways are discussed that will help build self-confidence in young boys, as well as the importance of encouraging them to be assertive enough so that they will go after whatever it is that they want to do with their lives.


My newest book, Raising Girls Into Extraordinary Young Women, is my blueprint for parents to raise daughters who are articulate, self-confident, intelligent, and extraordinary young women and leaders. The book discusses how to cultivate girls into enthusiastic readers and learners, and encourage them to be happy with who they are and what they look like. Shaping a girl’s mindset is also discussed, along with how essential it is for them being self-confident throughout their lives.


Both of my books discuss the importance of parents spending quality time with their sons and daughters, and how to foster open communication with them. The books discuss ways for parents to help their sons and daughters achieve academic excellence and the need to control their social media and electronic use. The importance of young boys and girls repeating “positive affirmations” that they believe about themselves, both to themselves and out loud, is essential to help them build their self-esteem.


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We’ll talk more with Dr. Monica Hawkins next week. Both of her books are available at Amazon and the AuthorHouse Bookstore, great reading for all the parents (or future parents) out there!


She was also featured recently on the Sisters4Fitness Wellness Show. You can view that interview here.


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