E. L. Gutierrez and “Pepper Dolls”

Author’s Digest is pleased to welcome E. L. Gutierrez to our contributor community. Eugene (as he’s known to his friends) works in the publishing industry, and is a proud member of the LGBT community. He graduated cum laude with a degree in General Education, and holds a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate.


His self-published book, Pepper Dolls, is the first in a planned trilogy (and his first with AuthorHouse), and we’re thrilled that he could spend some time talking with us.


About Me


Eugene LibresI’m a Filipino writer whose specialties include journalism, movie reviews, teaching English (to non-English speakers) and consulting. I’ve worked in the publishing industry for almost four years, and have had assisted hundreds of authors. I’m a teacher by college degree, and I graduated cum laude.


My Literary Influences


It’s quite ironic how erotic novels piqued my passion, as I grew up in a very conservative environment. My mother would remind me about the artistic masterpieces of Shakespeare and Homer; however, I’d opt to to read something that would take me to edge of my wild imagination. When I read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E. L. James, I was amazed by her audacity (despite not being into BDSM or weird fetishes).


Pepper DollsI’m fascinated by the veracity in fiction, in that anything can happen. It’s like creating a world of escapism where readers have no option but to tease their minds regarding what could have been, or what might be true. I told myself that I could come up with something within my territory of comfort. I aimed to write a story that tackles the fantasies of my gay friends (lady boys and straight-acting alike). This is how Pepper Dolls was brought to life.


Thanks, Eugene! We’ll hear more from E. L. Gutierrez next week. Until then, we recommend checking out his book Pepper Dolls (available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore).


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