The Path to Becoming a Color Psychic

AuthorHouse Author Ernesto Zollo's Secrets of Colours

AuthorHouse Author Ernesto Zollo shares his knowledge as a colour psychic to introduce you to the positive influence colours can have on your life

Professor Ernesto Zollo is an AuthorHouse author, artist, art tutor and color tutoring psychic. His lifetime spent studying color and its effect on people led him to the realization that they can supercharge your thoughts and change your world.

In his AuthorHouse Author’s Digest guest blog series, Prof. Zollo explains how Secrets of Colours provides readers with the wisdom and understanding to use the universal language of colors to become connected to the universe forever.

The Path to Becoming a Color Psychic
By Prof. Ernesto Zollo

I realized I had made a discovery that was unknown and unused. I had spent every day of 40 years using color in my art classes and paintings before I came to realize the true secrets of colors. I had always known there was more to them, but their true meaning eluded me. I researched and asked questions of students and friends as I slowly formulated my theory. Then in 2007 I completed my full circle of understanding.

One night a light turned on in my mind and I could see the answer. The final part of the circle had formed and I was very excited because I was in the knowing why something so simple, could be so hard. But perhaps that’s the way it was meant to be?

Today I am a color psychic. I understand color and all its meanings and possible uses. I can see and sketch an image of a person within the outer color that they are using or the one that they need. The color choice made by the person will illuminate their path into the future. Other colors may be required to help achieve a better path to the future.

Understanding the psychic energy and power of colors assists in this. So color your world now, don’t wait any longer. Live life as you were meant to live, in true living color. It’s your life, your choice.

One day there will be many thousands of color psychics and the world will be a better place for it.

In tomorrow’s concluding part of Prof. Zollo’s AuthorHouse Author’s Digest series he explains color energy’s universal influence on our lives.

Prof. Ernesto Zollo’s AuthorHouse Bibliography

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