Fabianna Marie and “Fabulously Fighting”

This week, AuthorHouse talks to Fabianna Marie, author of the self-published book Fabulously Fighting: Living with Cancer Through Love, Laughter, and Honesty. We’re pleased that Fabianna could share her inspiring story with Author’s Digest readers.


fabianna-marie-shanna-pinet-croppedFabianna, please tell us a bit about yourself.


I grew up in a very small town in southern New Hampshire. I was drawn to the stage and was able to spend ample time on it through musical theater, the Miss America Scholarship Pageant, dancing and modeling. While I loved being onstage, I was not as fond of the politics and drama that accompanied it. I decided relatively early in my professional career that I loved being behind the scenes even more.


I became an esthetician, starting my own salon out of my house at around the time that I became pregnant with my daughter and began having health issues. A year later I was diagnosed with lupus, and a year after that I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. At the beginning of my cancer and lupus journey, I became certified in raw, vegetarian and vegan cuisine and began writing articles for various vegetarian and vegan publications, both print and online. This is when I was bitten by the writing bug.


fabulously-fightingI needed another outlet for my artistic side, so I followed a lifelong passion and started my own photography and beauty artistry business. I’m humbled to say that I am now an award-winning photographer and a full-time writer. I’ve battled metastatic breast cancer for over 11 years, and decided to start blogging to document my cancer journey. My blog led to the creation of an online community of fellow cancer fighters, their friends, and their families (also called Fabulously Fighting). I’ve turned my journey into a crusade to provide hope for others and to give cancer a new face. I believe cancer is what I have and not who I am, and I hope to inspire others to approach living with cancer in a similar manner.



I not only wanted to share my story but also to serve as a point of inspiration and hope for anyone facing adversity. I wanted to create a reference of how to LIVE with cancer in an honest and uplifting way, and not just throw scary medical jargon at readers with the occasional anecdotal story. My book is the culmination of these desires, and my attempt to show people how they can live while overcoming adversity.




We’ll continue our interview with Fabianna Marie next week. Fabulously Fighting is available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore. For more information, check out her website at www.fabulouslyfighting.com. She’s also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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