Kent R. Gant Jr. and “23 Heartbeats”

Author’s Digest welcomes Kent R. Gant Jr. to our contributor community! Kent is the author of the relationship guide  23 Heartbeats (his second self-published book). He’s currently working on his third book, and we’re pleased that he could spare a few minutes to talk with us.


Author Kent R. Gant Jr.

Kent, please tell us about yourself.


My name is Kent Gant Jr. I’m an ordained teaching minister, author of two books, and have an associate degree in business. I write books that help people find their use of self-purpose in life, and books focusing on building relationships with God and other people.


Were there any authors who influenced your style or choice of genre?


Dave Willis!! He’s one of my best friends in the world and my mentor as well. He’s a Thomas Nelson-published author and the new face at Marriage Today. He write books about marriages and relationships.


Describe your book 23 Heartbeats  for our readers.


23 Heartbeats  counteracts our normal way of living in the current century. It re-introduces some old ways of communicating because, to me, those were some of the best ways. The book focuses on building strong relationships, instead of quick pleasures.


What inspired you to write the book? How long did it take you to finish it?


I’ve been through so many relationship-related issues, and the people around me have experienced similar situations. I thought about it one day; instead of people wasting time dating the wrong people and trying to work the wrong things out, why not create a book that will help readers identify potentially good relationships? I never had that uncle or family member who warned me about certain girls to date or not to date. So many others don’t have that family member either! This book, 23 Heartbeats, will serve that purpose.


What’s the one message you’d like to convey to readers through your book?


In today’s society, true love and genuine relationships are becoming a thing of the past. It’s not healthy for our generation and our children to grow up learning about love through reality television shows, music, social media, and the internet as a whole. If our society is going to have a chance at true love from the heart, as believers we must reintroduce Christ back into our hearts as our first love.


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We’ll present the conclusion of our interview with Kent Gant Jr. next week! His book 23 Heartbeakts is available at Amazon or the AuthorHouse Bookstore. For more information about Kent or his books, you can follow him on Facebook or Instagram:




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