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AuthorHouse is thrilled to welcome Leigh and Renee Macneil to our contributor community! They’re the self-published authors of Spaz: The True Story of My Life with ADHD, a book which chronicles the triumphs and struggles of a man suffering from severe Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The book has already received some great local media coverage, and we’re grateful that they could spend a few moments talking with Author’s Digest.


Leigh Macneil

Leigh Macneil

Leigh and Renee, please tell us a bit about yourselves.


Leigh works as a sales professional who also coaches and mentors other sales people. He has over 22 years in the automotive industry and is a lifelong martial artist. He and Renee have been married for 11 years.


Renee was a public school English teacher for 13 years before she and Leigh relocated to Lantana, Texas. Now she offers workshops for parents and educators, as well as individual coaching for anyone affected by ADHD. When she is not writing, Renee is training for the Boston Marathon and parenting two very sweet, high-energy, strong-willed little girls.


Were there any authors or books that influenced your writing style?


Not especially. Our book is unique in that it alternates between memoir/ short story and informational text.


Renee Macneil (cropped)Describe Spaz for our readers.


Spaz: The True Story of my Life with ADHD takes you on Leigh Macneil’s journey through inspirational highs and unthinkable lows. It’s a series of true stories about one man’s struggles with severe Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and also includes supporting material and research on what we know about ADHD today. Spaz presents a mix of humor and raw truth that promises to have you question everything you ever knew (or thought you knew) about ADHD.





Next week, we’ll talk with Leigh and Renee about the inspiration behind the book, their self-publishing experience, and their advice to other authors.


Readers, Spaz: The True Story of my Life with ADHD is available at Amazon and the AuthorHouse Bookstore. For more information, check out the Macneils’ Facebook page at www.facebook.com/myspazbook/.


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