Maria St Clair Helps Readers “Eat Better, Feel Better”

This week, Author’s Digest talks to Maria St Clair, self-published author of  Eat Better, Feel Better. This cookbook, her first, “contains recipes that will help incorporate more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, and other proteins into your diet, leading to a better, healthier you.”


Maria, please tell us about Eat Better, Feel Better. What inspired you to write it?


Author Maria St Clair

Five years ago I was diagnosed with a rare condition effecting my endocrine system. Unfortunately, there is no cure for my condition, there is only a treatment involving replacement medication. While this medication allows me to live, it does nothing for the various symptoms I experience. So I decided to do my own research and help myself.


I learned that certain things I ate (including carbohydrates, sugar and salt) all negatively affected me and had a strong impact on the way I felt. This motivated me to make changes in my diet. This decision, along with my love of cooking, is what inspired me to write this cookbook and share my recipes with you. It contains recipes that will incorporate more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish and other proteins into your diet, leading to a better, healthier-feeling you.


How long did it take you to complete the book?


It took me six months to gather all my recipes and type them–a year and half from start to finish.


Were there any literary influences that helped you develop your writing style?


None… I just love to write!


What message would you like to convey to readers through your book?


Along with a love of cooking, I also have a special place in my heart for single mothers, and I hope to help local Moms with the proceeds made from my book. I believe that eating home-cooked, fresh vegetables and herbs is an effective and healthier alternative to eating processed, store-bought foods, and that together we can eat better and feel better while giving back to our community.


What was your favorite part of the self-publishing experience?


When I held my first copy. [The feeling was] priceless!


What advice would you give to the other aspiring authors out there?


Write, write, write! People love to read about your stories! AuthorHouse, an awesome publisher, will provide you with all the tools you need for self-publishing, but also do your homework before get started and have everything ready.


What are you working on next?


A baby book or a biography–I have a lot of stories to tell!


Are there any events or promotions planned for your book?


I had a small home party and sold a number of copies. Currently, my book is also for sale at a local fresh produce store. Next year, I have a signing scheduled at a local book store.


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Thank you very much for speaking with us, Maria, and we look forward to your next book! Readers, Eat Better, Feel Better is available at Amazon and the AuthorHouse Bookstore.


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