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This week, we begin a three-part guest post from Nancy Nason Guss, the self-published author of  The Spirit of the Tree and Other Back Yard Tales: Connecting to Creation. Next week, we’ll talk about Nancy’s book, but this week she’ll begin by telling us a little about her background.


Spirit of the TreeTo me, all of creation and life is divine, and I have always loved being a part of it. When I was a little girl, my grandmother and I would share time sitting at her kitchen window and watching the birds at the feeder, which inspired the story The Window. Grams would take me fishing, point out the flowers, and help me enjoy the beauty in the world. My parents took me to the mountains, and I lived a few blocks from the beach with the salt air and ocean sounds providing peaceful connections to nature. Our house in Maryland was adjacent to Rock Creek Park, and I spent a lot of time walking through the woods feeling close to God.


I earned my B.A. and M.Ed. at the University of South Florida, Tampa. After spending 37 years in education (teaching for 20 years and as an administrator for 17), I found that morning time in my garden with meditation readings and writings helped me begin every day with positive energy and a renewed spirit, and I brought these to work with me.


Nancy edit 2 (cropped)When I worked with at risk youth at an alternative school, I helped students calm down by walking in the courtyard and looking at the trees, birds, and sky; it always brought peace to the moment. This strategy was lost in many children today, unless someone took the time to show them–like my grandmother showed me.


I have settled into retirement with my husband, and in addition to my writing, we have been volunteering, taking on-line courses, working, traveling, and learning to make natural and organic products, while still finding time for golf, walking in the woods, and other outdoor activities.




We’ll continue our guest post from Nancy Nason Guss next week. Her book, The Spirit of the Tree and Other Back Yard Tales, is available at Amazon and the AuthorHouse Bookstore.


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