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Before we head out for the weekend, we present the second part of our interview with Dr. Nicole Audet, author of the self-published children’s book Parents for Sale. You can read the first part of our chat with this multiple award-winning writer in our Author Blogs section.


nicole-audet2Were there any books or authors who influenced your style or choice of genre?


When I was young, I loved Walt Disney’s stories. I used to ask my dad to read Mickey Mouse stories again and again. After reading Dr. Jacques Ferron’s tales and novels, I knew I wanted to be an author as well as a doctor. During high school, I wrote for our newspaper.


Tell us about Parents for Sale.


My latest book, Parents for Sale, includes lessons on values and responsibility and is my first book published in English. The story was inspired by my experience. My children had a dog and were not taking on their share of the responsibility, so I told my them that I was going to put the dog up for sale. My decision broke their hearts. They begged me to change my mind, and with their good behavior we were able to resolve the issue without selling the dog.


Parents for Sale offers this same concept to children, along with four valuable lessons about life. The story includes twins that own a golden retriever named Pistachio—twins who are not handling their responsibilities for taking care of the dog. This causes stress for the parents, who decide to sell it.


The children are not happy with this and end up putting their parents up for sale instead. A wicked witch disguised as a fairy offers to buy the parents for $300 and the children accept the offer. The wicked witch tries to cook stew using the parents as the main ingredient, and the twins realize that this was not a good choice.To find out if the twins can save their parents, you must read Parents for Sale.


The book has won seven awards and honorable mentions:


Parents for Sale• Bronze medal Reader’s Favorite (Animals and Children’s category)
• Story Monster Approved
• Purple Dragonfly Book Award
• 2015 Hollywood Book Festival
• 2015 New York Book Festival
• 2015 Summer Pinnacle Book Award
• Reader’s Favorite – Five stars




We’ll present the conclusion of our interview next week. For more information about Dr. Nicole Audet, visit her website at and her book video on YouTube. Parents for Sale is available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore.


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