Patrick Conley’s Thirty by Thirty Solution

This week, Author’s Digest welcomes Patrick Conley to our contributor community! Patrick is the self-published author of five (!) books with AuthorHouse, including his latest, The Thirty by Thirty Solution. We’re pleased that this prolific writer could take a few minutes to talk with our readers.


Patrick ConleyPatrick, please tell us a little about yourself.


I’ve been blessed to have come from a family of readers. My father taught English and read voraciously (especially 19th century authors), while my mother enjoyed contemporary popular fiction. My brother teaches English at the university level, and I’ve been teaching English for 44 years.


Which authors or books influenced your writing style?


James Joyce has inspired me with the manner in which he transforms mundane matters into complex literary works.



Describe your book The Thirty by Thirty Solution.


The Thirty by Thirty Solution describes a world in which pot, booze, and sex flow freely. No one works very much other than the few elites who run The New Way. Such a world may appear to have few drawbacks. After all, robots have relieved mankind of the tedium of menial jobs. No one is forced to do much of anything, and people are free to pursue their own ideas.


Thirty by Thirty SolutionYet a father and a son, long separated but both initially dedicated to The New Way, become disenchanted and start an odyssey of renewal and reunion.




We’ll continue our interview with Patrick Conley next week. Readers, The Thirty by Thirty Solution (as well as Patrick’s other books) are available at and the AuthorHouse Bookstore.


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