Rhonda K. Gatlin on Self-Publishing

Rhonda K. Gatlin is the self-published author of Granny’s Cobbler. This is the third part of our interview with Rhonda; you can read the first two parts here: Part One | Part Two


Rhonda, how long did it take you to finish it Granny’s Cobbler


Granny's CobblerI began writing in February 2016 and completed the manuscript in late September 2016, but now I had to find someone to edit my book. I found a retired educator and friend, Leanne Fernald, and she agreed to become my editor. Then I needed to find an illustrator, and began to look for someone to draw pictures for my book. Through several false starts I learned that there is a difference between an artist and an illustrator. An artist draws and paints one picture and goes on to another, but an illustrator can reproduce the same scene (or person/ persons), which are need for continuity.


Finally I found an illustrator, one of our own Boulder City residents. Lee Lanier was diverse as both an artist and an illustrator. He was able to see my vision, and his creative illustrations delighted me. Once he got on board things clicked right along and my book was published on December 16, 2016!


What was your favorite part of self-publishing?


Bill Overman was my first contact with AuthorHouse. I didn’t know what to do, so I had Googled “How to publish a book?” I completed AuthorHouse’s survey and I received a polite phone call later that day from Bill. He was very knowledgeable about his job and made me comfortable with considering his publishing company.


Rhonda K. Gatlin

Rhonda K. Gatlin

He was able to slowly walk me through each step concerning the packages at AuthorHouse. Bill knew that this was all new to me, and he made me feel like he really cared about me and my manuscript. His pleasant voice and patience with my many questions guided me to the completion of publishing my book. Through the entire process, I felt that I could always depend on Bill for confidence, encouragement, and the direction to continue until I held the first copy of my book in my hands.


What is your next writing project?


My next book is in progress; the working title is Purple Hands, but I haven’t decided for sure. It’s the second book in the trilogy of Aggie’s Journey. This story is also inspired by my childhood, visiting my grandparents while making jelly in Alabama.




We’ll present the conclusion of our interview with Rhonda K. Gatlin next week. Her book Granny’s Cobber is available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore!  A recent article about Rhonda in the Boulder City Review can be read here.


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