Thoughts from AuthorHouse Published Author Rima Jbara

AuthorHouse Author, Rima Jbara

Thoughts from AuthorHouse Published Author Rima Jbara


AuthorHouse Author’s Digest Introduces One of the Middle East’s Most Influential Writers, Rima Jbara

She became the Middle East’s youngest published author in the English language at the age of just fourteen and has written fifteen works of fiction to date, three of which are published through AuthorHouse.

Rima has kindly agreed to share her wealth of writing experience and her thoughts about being a self-published author with her fellow AuthorHouse authors. We will post a series of guest blogs over the coming days, wherein Rima will talk about various topics on the subject.

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Thoughts From AuthorHouse Published Author, Rima Jbara

Since I was twelve years old, I have felt the need to write. I thought it was a phase and it would fade with time, but as I grew older that need became a passion. For a long time, I was unable to disregard this passion. At some point, it sucked me into despair. I lived in the Middle East, wrote in English and published my books locally, and most people in the Middle East read books in the Arabic language. My readers would have to be either Arabs who master the English language or Westerners, and who were considered a selective niche at that time. Today, I am publishing internationally for a larger readership.

Rima Jbara’s AuthorHouse Bibliography:

You can find out more about Rima and her books on her official website, Rima Jbara.




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