AuthorHouse Author Rima Jbara Writes About Women’s Rage and Rebellion

AuthorHouse Author Rima Jbara

AuthorHouse Author Rima Jbara, One of the Middle East’s Most Inspirational Writers

AuthorHouse author Rima Jbara explores the depth of a woman’s psyche.

Find out more about multi-award winning AuthorHouse author Rima Jbara and read her AuthorHouse Author Spotlight. 

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Thoughts From AuthorHouse Published Author, Rima Jbara

I want to explore the depth in a woman’s psyche as I write about women’s rage and rebellion. The genre that I can be most innovative in writing would be fiction, in a confessional novel and poetry style.

Rima Jbara’s AuthorHouse Bibliography:

You can find out more about Rima and her books on her official website, Rima Jbara.

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