How My Writing Helped Take Me from the Depths of Despair to Become a Source of Inspiration


AuthorHouse Published Author Ruth Marimo

AuthorHouse author Ruth Marimo has gone from imprisoned illegal immigrant awaiting deportation to inspirational Human Rights Activist

AuthorHouse author Ruth Marimo’s story is a tale of someone who has lost everything. Her memoir Freedom of an Illegal Immigrant is truly an exercise of self-analysis. It was also her effort to tell her children, whom she thought she would never again see, about who their mother was.

Today Ruth Marimo tells the AuthorHouse Author’s Digest about how writing her book helped her to rise up from her many personal tragedies to become an inspiration and voice for others who are living through similar miseries.

How My Writing Helped Take Me from the Depths of Despair to Become a Source of Inspiration
By Ruth Marimo.

My Memoir Freedom of an Illegal Immigrant; The Untold Story of my Search for a Place in the World more or less was not written but rather came out of me. I found myself writing my life story at a moment when I had nothing to face but myself.

I think the main thing I hope readers get from my story is inspiration to face their true selves. Most people just never get to do that for so many reasons.

Living Up to Expectations
As people we grow up and our families, society and environments put layers on us that define us but until we have examined who we really are at the core and are prepared to stand in our own truths we really have no idea who we are. In writing my story I was able to go back to the beginning of my childhood and once again start to question everything about my life who I was as a child compared to who I was told I should be, how I had looked at the world back then, how I look at the world today.

Writing to Address Shameful Truths
For me growing up in a culture and setting where my mother who committed suicide when I was only five and my only sister who had died the same year were never talked about, I discovered in writing this book that most of my shame growing up was rooted in that, all the reasons I could not face the truths about who I was probably began at that very young age.

Discovering the Reasons Behind Why You’re Writing
The process of writing my story was indeed cathartic but since I started writing my story at a point I had lost everything, in jail awaiting possible deportation it became part of the process I was going through. For me being held in jail for thirty days with no real good reason except for the fact that I had no immigration status made me look very deep within myself, believing I would never see my children again I felt at the time that writing my story in honesty and truth would give them a true reflection of who their mother was, but since I ended up being reunited with my children and my book is now published I have discovered that I was actually writing the story for myself and many other people who have faced tragedy or struggle in their lives even if their path is not the same as mine.

Providing a Voice and Becoming a Source of Inspiration
In writing this book I have found the courage to stand up for many who are voiceless, I have become a Human Rights Activist in my community, a better friend and mother. I hear from people from all walks of life who have been inspired by my story.

New Book Projects
I am currently working on a children’s book series titled But What is Africa Really Like? and a few other book projects. I’m still finding my footing as an author but so far the journey has been worth it.

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