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Welcome back to Author’s Digest! Today we present the conclusion of our interview with AuthorHouse’s S. D. Moore (you can read the first part here). S. D.’s first self-published novel, Wicked Prayers, won a gold medal in the Fiction – Horror category at the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards.


S. D., were there any authors or books that influenced your writing style or choice of genre?


No, but the heart-eating Beast in Wicked Prayers comes from my interpretation of the Leviathan in the Book of Job.


Wicked PrayersPlease tell us about Wicked Prayers.


Wicked Prayers is a fast paced, action-packed horror tale in which two small town detectives and an unusual band of heroes desperately fight to thwart Evil and his infectious violent creatures. It contains violence, mystery, intense action, supernatural erotica, adult language, humor, gore and a little faith.


What inspired you to write your book? How long did it take you to finish it?


As a child I watched a devout Christian woman try to contact her dead sister. Before saying her bedtime prayers, she placed a letter to the sister on top of a glass of water, which was sitting on her nightstand. Spiritualists call this practice water gazing. I used Wicked Prayers to explore the question of “what if evil came through that spirit door instead,” in grand ol’ horror novel fashion.


What was your favorite part of self-publishing?


The ability to control my cover art, and publishing much faster than is possible with a traditional publisher.


SD Moore (cropped)What advice would you give to the other aspiring authors out there?


The same message that Wicked Prayers delivers: In the face of overwhelming odds, keep fighting.


What are you working on next?


I’m working on a dramatic comedy that I will hopefully publish very soon in the form of a novella, a graphic novella, and an audiobook. The story is called Before We Were Perfect.


Are there any events or promotions planned for your book?


I’ve got a few interviews with media planned.




Best of luck with the novella, S. D.! Readers, for more information about S. D. Moore and her books, you can check out her website at www.sdmooreauthor.com. Wicked Prayers, her award-winning novel, is available at Amazon.com and the AuthorHouse Bookstore.


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