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Welcome back to Author’s Digest! Today we continue our chat with columnist and five-time self-published author Susanne Bacon. In the first part of our interview, available here, she told us about her international background and provided an overview of her writing career. This time, she talks about her literary influences and her latest book, Clean Cuts.


Susanne, were there any books or authors that influenced your style or choice of genre?


I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of writing styles and genres. I hardly write poetry anymore. I’ve stopped writing short stories, but I do write essays now.


I’m an avid reader, and the most influential books for me were probably the novels by Elisabeth Ogilvie and Maeve Binchy. Both had very strong ties to a specific region and wrote about the same circle of fictitious people. Their characters struggle through everyday life situations. This mixture of ordinary life, local color, and re-meeting characters in a series is intriguing to me.


Susanne Bacon - Clean CutsTell us about your latest book, Clean Cuts.


Clean Cuts  is the fourth of my Wycliff novels. It’s about a recently paraplegic chef who badly struggles to come to terms with his new situation in life, while his girlfriend tries to keep their relationship and their joint business, a bistro-restaurant, going. An old friend of theirs comes to their rescue, but he carries his own bundle of problems, which might sink them all.


Wycliff, my town on the Sound, is fictitious, but I bring a lot of local color from western Washington into all my Wycliff novels. I also weave in real people and real businesses, and the back of the book always holds some recipes connected with the story.




We’ll be back with more from Susanne Bacon next week. All her books, including the Wycliff series, are available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore.


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Author Susanne Bacon at a book signing for "Clean Cuts, the latest novel in her Wycliff series.

Author Susanne Bacon at a book signing for “Clean Cuts,” the latest novel in her Wycliff series.




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