Susie Landown-Clarke – “Mental Illness” and Her Go-To Therapy

AuthorHouse is proud to introduce Susie L. Landown-Clarke to our Authors Digest readers. Susie is the self-published author of  Mental Illness: MI Doesn’t Look Like Me, “a story of intimate warfare among rivals, where friend and foe confront the spiritual suffocation of a woman suffering from complex mental illnesses and disorders.”


Susie Clarke (cropped)Susie, please tell us a bit about yourself.


I’m a proud mom of three, a wife, and a combat warrior with nearly 22 years of military service. I retired about five years ago after serving as a senior enlisted officer and a commissioned logistics officer. I earned my MBA in Human Resources, as well as numerous military accolades during my career. I joined the military to honor a request by my late father, who served two tours in combat during the Vietnam War. My family is rooted in the tradition of military service with my husband, father, and father-in-law all being combat Veterans. Currently, I have a son serving in the military as well (Air Force).



My literary experiences do not correlate to any professional or published writings, but perhaps other literary obligations and military duties. The military-allotted opportunities gain broad insight from different means of expressive art by way of various military schools, training events, and jobs. Certainly, college played a vital role as well. I wrote numerous awards, protocols, policies, evaluation reports, and documents while working in various military positions.


Mental IllnessWriting is a hobby, but it became my “go-to therapy” while undergoing such a private struggle. I delve into writing to stay cerebrally connected in expressing my feelings, but it’s also a way to ensure my thought processes were not debilitating relatedly to my emotional and psychological intelligence.




We’ll talk more with Susie next week. Her book, Mental Illness: MI Doesn’t Look Like Me, is available at Amazon and the AuthorHouse Bookstore.


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