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AuthorHouse is thrilled to welcome Logan T. Stark back to Author’s Digest! We first met Logan back in May, when he talked to us about his book The Purrmuda Triangle. The book had recently received an honorable mention in the Florida Book Festival, and he had just published his fourth book. You can read that interview by clicking on the following links: Part One, Part Two.


A lot has happened in the past five months! That fourth book, Jurassic Earth, was an honorable mention at the Hollywood Book Festival in the Young Adult category. In addition, Logan’s fifth self-published book, The Emperor of Dragons, has also picked up an award at the Northern California Book Festival!


logan-t-stark-croppedLogan, where did you get the idea for Jurassic Earth?


I’ve been thinking about it for over twenty years. I loved Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park in the cinema. It completely blew me away. When I discovered Michael Crichton had written the sequel, The Lost World, I devoured it in one afternoon. Wow! What a sequel.


I’ve always known there is another strong dinosaur-themed story out there, similar to what James Cameron did with Aliens after Alien. It had to be bigger and bolder, whilst retaining wonder, adventure and terror. I knew my story, Jurassic Earth (which was originally titled The Jurassic Five) needed to have the protagonists go back in time, to expand the narrative and physical boundaries. This has been done before, obviously, so I needed to add multiple layers of adventure and threat. You’ve got land, water and air dinosaurs, which are all lethal, and you’ve got the environment, which is equally deadly (maybe even more so). It’ll surprise you and be a lot of fun when you read the book.


jurassic-earthThere’s a whole bunch of new tech and gadgets, with villainous humans also. The core group is called the Jurassic Five. They’re a diverse group of teens from across the world, all of whom have achieved astounding feats. They’ve been chosen as the first tourists to travel back to Jurassic Earth. Obviously, things start out just peachy, then it begins to fall apart, and wow, does it fall apart. The escalation of catastrophe hits biblical heights towards the end of the adventure. I’ve worked hard to create a rollercoaster thrill-ride, full of emotional depth, invention, wonder and terror. You’ll cry, laugh and tremble. I promise, you’ll have an absolute blast.





We’ll present the conclusion of Logan’s guest post next week. In the meantime, you can buy all of his books, including the recently-released The Emperor of Dragons, in the AuthorHouse Bookstore.


For more information about Logan T. Stark, check out his website at or follow him on Twitter @logantstark.


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