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Welcome back to AuthorHouse Author’s Digest, and the conclusion of our interview with Victoria M. Howard–relationship columnist, racehorse trainer, beauty queen, host, and self-published author. Victoria has appeared on television multiple times to talk about her book Kentucky Horse Park: Paradise Found, and we’re thrilled that she could take time out of her busy schedule to speak with Author’s Digest. You can read the first two parts of the interview here: Part One/ Part Two.


Victoria M. Howard

Victoria M. Howard

Victoria, what is your next writing project?


I am currently writing a book called Junior and Elena: A Horse Love Story. This is a true story about two retired racing mares that form an unusual bond as they go through their pregnancies together. The first mare gives birth to a healthy filly; several weeks later, her best friend (the second mare) dies while giving birth to a colt. A quick-thinking twelve-year-old girl takes the chance of putting the colt with the living broodmare and her newborn filly, saving the colt’s life. This unique and extraordinary story is both fiction and non-fiction, as it is impossible to know the eventual fates of these two young racehorses at this time.


Being the hopeless romantic who believes in happy endings and the prince rescuing the princess, I’m writing this story as a feel-good, heart-warming fairy tale for the entire family.


Are there any events or promotions planned for Kentucky Horse Park?


Although the book has just been released and is still “wet behind its ears,” I’ve been on TV shows in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky to talk about it. In addition, one of the writers from The Paulick Report will be writing a story about the book.


How did your TV interviews come about?


When my first book Why Women Love Bad Boys was released, I appeared on Fox News, Good Morning L.A., and Good Morning Sacramento. Since I’ve been involved with racing horses for decades, the racing networks asked me to be a guest on their TV shows to talk about Kentucky Horse Park. In addition, I hope to have a signing at the park in the spring, and I’ll be traveling to Canada to make personal appearances at the racetracks there.


Kentucky Horse ParkIs there anything you’d like to add before we wrap things up?


After publishing my first book and appearing on local television shows throughout the nation, I thought, “Wow, this is easy!” But I soon discovered that it was just a stroke of incredibly good luck because it’s very, very hard to get on these shows. I’ve basically been my own promoter, and have been blessed that from the exposure of my books I’ve been the host of a radio talk show, a live dating game show, and presently write a bi-weekly column on dating and relationships called “Dear Victoria” in a local newspaper.




Thank you very much for your time, Victoria, and best of luck with your upcoming projects! Readers, Kentucky Horse Park: Paradise Found is available at and the AuthorHouse Bookstore. Victoria’s recent interview on Kentucky’s ABC 36 news can viewed here; in addition, she can be reached at Facebook and LinkedIn (Victoria M Howard) and via email at


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