William Flewelling – Forty-Six and Counting

This week, we introduce a guest post from William Flewelling, a minister and author of 46 self-published books with AuthorHouse. His bibliography includes stories, poetry, devotionals, and study guides. 


Inn StoriesI grew up in northeast Ohio, attended The College of Wooster, majoring in Chemistry. I pursued graduate studies in Chemical Engineering at Purdue for five years before dropping out of my program to attend Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. Since making that last move in January 1973, I’ve been engaged in the practice of ministry. I retired from active ministry in 2007.


During the course of my ministry, I was asked about Bible studies and proceeded to create a system of doing those, taking a book of the Bible and generating commentary based on the Greek or Hebrew texts. After a few years, I began writing devotional material for my congregation, later adding a lectionary-based reflective prayer, hymn texts to established tunes, and stories, all of which became parts of my wrestling with the texts for preaching.


My most recent publication is Inn-By-The-Bye Stories – 11. As with almost all my publishing, this amounts to a mining of the archives, taking stories that I had written some time in the past and editing them as I put them into electronic format for publishing with AuthorHouse. These dated from the early 1990s in particular, and they will be part of a series that will run through 23 volumes.


This is one of 46 titles I have with AuthorHouse. Of those, 19 are poetry, 11 are stories, six I consider devotional, five are Bible studies or exegetical material, and five are devoted to some other aspects of my ministry and study over the years.




We’ll present the conclusion of William’s guest blog post next week. His (extensive) library of books is available at Amazon and the AuthorHouse Bookstore!


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