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Today, AuthorHouse presents the conclusion of our second guest post from Logan T. Stark. His self-published books The Purrmuda Triangle and Jurassic Earth received honorable mentions in the Florida and Hollywood Book Festivals, respectively. In addition, his fifth book, The Emperor of Dragons, picked up an award at the North California Book Festival.


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logan-t-stark-croppedLogan, what lessons did you learn writing Jurassic Earth?


Each novel I write teaches me a ton of new things. It’s a never-ending learning curve. Listen to the masters and follow their lead. Consume every last drop of advice and use it. Writing is hard work and takes a lot of skill and effort, so advice and encouragement is vital. Keep going. Keep working. Keep learning. Keep listening. Edit. Write. Edit. Research. Edit. Enjoy. Edit.


Tell us about your Hollywood Book Festival 2016 award for Jurassic Earth.


Being recognised by the Hollywood Book Festival is really exciting, and my finest achievement to date. I think it’s important to get an outside perspective on your work. Friends and family will largely critique your writing with rose-tinted glasses. External, unbiased recognition means you’re doing a good job and are on the right track. I’d advise aspiring writers to get a critical editorial review of their novel. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’ll help you become a stronger storyteller.


Where do you get your inspiration?


Story is what inspires me, great story. As a kid, I loved movies and books. I fell asleep at night listening to audio books. I wrote a comic strip called The Little Alien Who Came to Earth. He always ended up getting horribly injured in comical ways whilst exploring the human world. I even made short films with my friends. Adventuring into new stories, real or fantasy, has always thrilled me. The best stories are the ones where you forget yourself, where you’re there with the characters, experiencing every raindrop and heartbeat.


Do you have any plans for future novels?


the-emperor-of-dragonsDefinitely. I’ve just finished The Emperor of Dragons, which has only just been released. It’s definitely my strongest and most ambitious work to date. I feel very lucky to have discovered it. Like all my stories, it’s a unique thrill-ride adventure through a magical world. This story, however, has such a deep and resonant emotional core, I think it might stay with readers for the rest of their lives. This world and these characters are some of the most gripping I’ve ever created.


I’m already researching my next novel, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I’m really excited where this one’s heading, but I can’t talk about it until it’s finished. You’ll have to wait until next year!




Thank you very much for your time, Logan, and keep us informed about your writing projects!


Readers, for more information about Logan T. Stark, visit his website at www.logantstark.com or follow him on twitter @logantstark.His books are available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore.


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