AuthorHouse Book is 2017 Selah Award Finalist!

Congratulations to AuthorHouse’s Marion Dawson Gunderson! Finding the King: The Story of Joanna, the self-published book from this North Carolina-based author, was a finalist in the Selah Award’s Middle Grade Novels category.


Finding the KingBorn to a wealthy family of high position, Joanna finds herself in an unexpected place ruled by a ruthless monarch and his scheming wife. When her life is threatened, Joanna seeks protection from a new kind of king. Will she ever see her family again? After the changes in her life, will they want to see her?


From the noisy streets of Jerusalem to the windswept slopes of Galilee, Finding the King brings first-century life into vibrant focus through the story of Joanna, a young woman who lives through the most important event in human history. Finding the King is the third title in the Brave Beauty series, portraits of real women who show courage and grace in living out God’s will for their lives. (From the book’s overview.)


For more information about the Selah Award and the complete list of finalists, click here.
Finding the King, the award-nominated book from Marion Dawson Gunderson, is available at Amazon and the AuthorHouse Bookstore.


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