AuthorHouse Good News Update – Summer 2017

The “good news” kept coming at this year’s Eric Hoffer Awards, but that wasn’t the only place where AuthorHouse authors distinguished themselves. Today, we look at the awards and recognition our writer community received over the last four months—and hear about their self-publishing experience, in their own words!


Alzheimers DiseaseRecent Awards and Achievements


The following AuthorHouse authors were recognized with honorable mentions at this year’s Eric Hoffer Book Awards:


Choices by Eolane (Commercial Fiction Category)


Crash Course by Alan Barrington (Commercial Fiction Category)


Hairy Lemon Cookbook by Simon Cooper (Home Category)


Alzheimer’s Disease by Budd J. Hallberg and Genis M. Tarrant (Health Category)




Hairy Lemon CookbookThe following AH titles were category finalists at the Eric Hoffer Book Awards:


Destiny’s Journey by Robert Ruiz, Jr.


Lord Computesalot, Ruler of Aurora Bullyalis, and His Secret Quest to End Bullying by Regina Davis and Carolyn Royer Spencer


Taming the Dragon Series by Helen Webster


The Land of Twydell and the Dragon Egg by Daisy Bourne


Key West InterludeThe Whyte Hinde by Lizzy Lloyd


Lois Richman’s Key West Interlude: Paulette Marshall Mystery Series was the Best Mystery winner at the 2017 Pacific Book Awards.


American Stew: Hope in a Toxic Culture, by Stephen James, was the winner of an Independent Press Award in the Cultural Criticism category.


Victoria M. Howard (Kentucky Horse Park: Paradise Found and Junior and Elena: A (Horse) Love Story) headed north to Ontario’s Mohawk Raceway to meet fans, sign autographs, and talk about her books.




Granny's Cobbler“Receiving the finished physical copy of Cliffhangers, listening to good reviews, and seeing the satisfied look on the faces of my readers was my favorite part of self-publishing.” – Aliya Blake (Cliffhangers)


“My publishing consultant was able to slowly walk me through each step concerning the packages at AuthorHouse. He knew that this was all new to me, and he made me feel like he really cared about me and my manuscript. Through the entire process, I felt that I could always depend on him for confidence, encouragement, and the direction to continue until I held the first copy of my book in my hands.” –

Rhonda K. Gatlin (Granny’s Cobbler)


Junior and Elena“I’ve self-published 15 books over the past ten years. To me, writing books it is like getting a tattoo—once you get one you want another. Self-publishing has become my career and life, and working with AuthorHouse has been a joy.” – Victoria M. Howard (Kentucky Horse Park: Paradise Found and Junior and Elena: A (Horse) Love Story)


All these great titles (and many more) are available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore. Congratulations to all of our featured authors!


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