AuthorHouse Good News Update – Autumn/Winter 2017-2018

The AuthorHouse author community closes out 2017 with a bang! The holiday season finds us with a treasure chest of riches, in the form of more awards, accolades, and recognition. Today we’ll shine the spotlight on some of those awards, as well as a few words from our authors themselves.


Awards and Achievements


Wicked PrayersWicked Prayers, author S. D. Moore’s first self-published novel, was a gold medal-winner at the Readers’ Favorites International Book Awards.


Gloria D. Gonsalves was the recipient of a John E. Weaver Excellent Reads Award for her book Danloria: The Secret Forest of Germania.


Marion Dawson Gunderson was a 2017 Selah Award finalist for her book Finding the King: The Story of Joanna.


Blue in the Tooth, the self-published book by Esther Loftus Gough, was a finalist at the Book Excellence Awards.


Caryl Sweet, author of Gus and the Invisible Friend, was the subject of an article and interview by National Geographic.


Hidden Child in GreeceYolanda Avram Willis continued to get excellent recognition for her book, A Hidden Child in Greece. An article on Ms. Willis and her book was featured in both the Wall Street Journal’s print version and website.


Victoria M. Howard, author of Kentucky Horse Park: Paradise Found and Dancing for Dollars, was invited to Ontario’s Mohawk Racetrack to meet fans and sign autographs.




“My favorite part of self-publishing was how easy AuthorHouse made it for me; they were helpful and patient throughout. In all honesty, without AuthorHouse, I wouldn’t have been able to complete a book of such a high standard.” – Simon Cooper

(The Hairy Lemon Cookbook)


Hairy Lemon Cookbook“We felt that we had ultimate control over our work and did not feel that we had to change our message to cater to a large publishing company’s rules.” – Leigh and Renee Macneil (Spaz: The True Story of My Life with ADHD)


“Self-publishing with AuthorHouse was a great experience because we worked together as a team, and I didn’t have to concern myself with the aspects of publishing that are out of my wheelhouse. I was able to focus on writing and providing a good manuscript. They handled the details, and their design team created both a beautiful cover and a very professional interior design. They took care of things that I never would have

considered.” – Alicia Garcia (Overcoming Obstacles)


Finding-the-King-190x288“I had some good people working with me at AuthorHouse to get this job done.” – Daniel Korn (Dawn’s Gray Steel  and Tennessee Thunder)


“Receiving my first copy and showing it to my family, friends and colleagues [was my favorite part of self-publishing. It was a unique experience!” – Stephen James (American Stew)


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