AuthorHouse’s John Carvalho Nominated “Best Literary Writer”

AuthorHouse is pleased to congratulate Dr. John Carvalho, author of The Crisis of Our Time. Last week, John (a former Harvard scholar) was nominated “Best Literary Writer” by the Artists In Music Awards (AIMA.) The nomination was announced on July 23rd by AIMA Executive Producer Mikey Jayy, who will formerly present it to Dr. Carvalho at a red carpet event on August 10th at the Bugatta in Hollywood.


Says Jayy:


CrisisOur focus is not just in music. In Season IV of the Artists In Music Awards, we’ve become a membership organization and we are now under the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts. SFOTA is a non-profit organization with two goals in mind: the dedication to empowering creative youth by providing scholarship opportunities to underprivileged children and providing an avenue to explore and express the arts through unity and community involvement. Under the SFOTA, we can encompass the visual arts. The visual arts include film, education, television, radio, theater arts, graphics design, photography, muralism, urban street art, literature, and poetry. While the premise of the Artists In Music Awards still revolves around music as its core element, under the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts, AIMA is placed in a whole different category of its own, making the organization the first of its kind.


Needless to say, Dr. Carvalho couldn’t be happier:


It’s great for an author to see a new work come to print and then succeed in the public spotlight. Crisis, as I have stated to the press previously, addresses numerous world problems such as the spread of infectious diseases, economic recession, austerity, global climate change, and even the nature of reality, human psychology and human mortality. The book is a scientific and philosophical work, yet AIMA recognized its artistry because the book reveals a novel way to write nonfiction—one that can be entertaining to the lay reader, but also academically meaningful.



Congratulations, John! The Crisis of Our Time is available in the AuthorHouse Bookstore. For more information, check out the complete press release.




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