Author News: Caryl Sweet is interviewed by National Geographic!

AuthorHouse author Caryl Sweet was recently the subject of an article and interview by National Geographic. Caryl talked about her book, Gus and the Invisible Friend, as well as her inspirations and messages.


The full article can be found at . Here are some great excerpts:


Caryl front coverWhat motivated you to write Gus and the Invisible Friend, and how is it based on a real-life story?

My daughter adopted Gus for her two daughters, Megan & Emily. Her veterinarian said he had been through some difficult times, but that he was healthy and was a very special kitten. He was only a few weeks old when he landed in their home with his tail standing straight up in the air.  I am told his tail signified he was a contented cat. Katie, their big Black Lab, persisted in chasing Gus until the family resorted to keeping him in the bathroom where he would be less stressed. Confined to the bathroom for hours on end, Gus got into all sorts of mischief including unrolling the toilet paper and turning on the water. Every day I heard about a new adventure until finally I wrote a little story about him.


What lessons are you trying to teach readers?

I hope readers will:

  • Recognize the power within to make good choices no matter what.
  • Recognize that animals all have their own unique personalities, and feelings just like we do.
  • Value family relationships and love one another just as we are.
  • Understand that owning an animal is a responsibility
  • Learn about the Low Country of South Carolina and its plants and animals.


Explain the lesson of the Invisible Friend, and what young readers take away from that.

The invisible friend could also be called our inner voice, our instincts or our conscience. Some people say spirit guide or guardian angel. This is a concept that, as a child, I don’t remember understanding in the way I do now. I was told to take things on faith and to do as I was told. I believe if children can learn at an early age to tune into their inner voices and follow their intuitions, they will stand a better chance of surviving and doing the right thing.


Congratulations again to Caryl on her recognition! We look forward to hearing more. 

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