Gloria D. Gonsalves Takes Home John E. Weaver Award!

Congratulations to award-winning writer (and Author’s Digest contributor) Gloria D. Gonsalves! Her book Danloria: The Secret Forest of Germania has been named a Winner in the John E Weaver Excellent Reads Award (in the Childrens: Adventure category).


From the book’s overview:


DanloriaDanloria is a forest located in the seven hills of Germania. Not everyone in Germania knows about the forest. Stan is a little boy who enjoyed visits to the forest with his father. One day, his dad became ill, and Stan was led to the forest without his father by wise Fern. It was during this adventure that their friendship was sealed, and Stan was introduced to prominent residents of the forest and told of their benefits to human life.


On one unfortunate occasion, Stan fell sick too. The healing process introduced him to more residents of forests all over the world, such as Asilandia, Afrilandia, Califoria, and Englandia. These encounters with Fern’s friends formed an everlasting memory on the little boy. This book is a blend of fantasy, adventure and education, and is enchanting for readers young and old alike.


The book has been getting rave reviews from critics since its publication. Said Jack Magnus of Readers’ Favorite, “Danloria: The Secret Forest of Germania is a fabulous way to introduce children to the wonders of the natural world, and it’s most highly recommended.”


Lysa Grant of Self-Publishing Review agreed, saying, “In Danloria: The Secret Forest of Germania, Gonsalves deftly integrates real facts about plants without seeming too encyclopedic–kids will learn and appreciate the different forms of plant life without even realizing they’re learning! The illustrations, done by a group of children, are charming, all sweetly drawn and directly on topic with the theme of the page.”


Readers, Danloria: The Secret Forest of Germania is available at and the AuthorHouse Bookstore, and comes highly recommended!


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