AuthorHouse Good News Update – Autumn/Winter 2018-2019

The AuthorHouse Good News Update is published three times per year, and recognizes members of our author community who have received awards or other accolades. Our writers have diverse backgrounds, ages, occupations, and genres, and we’re proud to be able to shine the spotlight on their many accomplishments (along with some testimonials about their AuthorHouse experience!).

Susanne Bacon

Awards and Achievements


Susanne Bacon, author of the Wycliff  series of novels, has been busy with a number of appearances and interviews. In late September, she participated in a book signing at the 6th Annual Lakewood Film, Arts and Books Festival in Lakewood, WA. In addition, she hosted a book reading of her novel Telling Truths  every Tuesday in October at The Sock Peddlers, also in Lakewood. When she’s not out meeting readers, she’s hard at work on the next Wycliff novel!








The AuthorHouse title Hush  by Eva Konstantopoulos has been adapted into the horror film Malevolent, which was released in October on Netflix. The film, which was directed by Olaf de Fleur (from a screenplay by Ben Ketai and Eva Konstantopoulos), stars Florence Pugh and Ben Lloyd-Hughes as a brother and sister who con the grieving by making them believe they can contact the dead. When they are invited to an old orphanage where brutal murders have taken place, they are challenged in ways they never imagined.








David A. Crum

In October, David A. Crum, author of the Vietnam War memoir The Far-Away Dream, spoke at the Upcountry History Museum in Greenville, South Carolina, during their exhibit “Picturing Nam: U.S. Military Photography of the Vietnam War” from the National Archives. As it’s a traveling exhibit, David may speak at other locations during its tour.












“My favorite part of self-publishing was how easy AuthorHouse made it for me; they were helpful and patient throughout. In all honesty, without AuthorHouse, I wouldn’t have been able to complete a book of such a high standard.” – Simon Cooper (The Hairy Lemon Cookbook)


“It was exciting to see my book, a project of many years, in a published form. I enjoyed creating the story and illustrations, and was happy to find a way to share it. – Gretchen Bainum (The Three Secrets)


“Self-publishing means that there are no deadlines; you can take all the time you need and want. Publishing with AuthorHouse also means you get a perfect product.” – Susanne Bacon (Clean Cuts)


“I had total control of my work, and no one could edit or change what I wrote unless I approved it. With a traditional publisher, once you sign the contract you turn over control [to the publisher].” – Joseph A. Graffagnino (The Fix Is In: The Deutsch Bank Building Fire Conspiracy)


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