Wall Street Journal Covers Author Yolanda A. Willis!

Willis front coverAuthorHouse author Yolanda Avram Willis continues to get excellent recognition for her book, A Hidden Child in Greece. An article on Ms. Willis and her book is presently being featured in the Wall Street Journal’s print version as well as on its website.


The article can be found at https://www.wsj.com/articles/beyond-thankful-cultivating-a-life-of-gratitude-1510583400.


The article describes Ms. Willis’s frightening and exciting experience with hiding from the Nazis during World War II, as well as how she learned the merits of feeling and expressing gratitude. “The process of writing the book helped Ms. Willis, giving her purpose and deepening her appreciation,” the article adds.


About the Book

Six-year-old Yolanda Avram is rescued by righteous strangers during the Holocaust in Greece. This is her story of courage and survival in the context of dozens of other rescues and shows Jews saving themselves and others in audacious and often heroic ways. Her story is uplifting and focuses on those flickers of light in the vast darkness of evil, known in Greece as the Persecution. This little-known saga of the common folk outwitting the Third Reich is a powerful and important story, told simply and movingly in cinematic episodes. The book is incandescent with empathy and gratitude.


About the Author


Yolanda Avram Willis was born in Greece in 1934. She was six years old when World War II began in Greece, and has a unique perspective of a young child in wartime. She and her family were hidden in Crete and several locations in Athens. Two different Greek Orthodox families hid her until liberation – the first of which became fugitives, just like her own Jewish family, for having hidden Jews. In 1994, Dr. Willis began collecting oral histories from Greek Holocaust survivors and rescuers.


Dr. Willis came to the United States on a Fulbright Scholarship, graduated with honors and then earned an M.A. degree in chemistry. After her third child was born, she received an M.A and a Ph.D. in Sociology, and worked in industry as a researcher, manager, educator, and management consultant.


Dr. Willis lectures nationally, speaking about the Holocaust and righteous Greeks Christians. In 1996 she was the Associate Producer of a documentary film, “It Was Nothing, It Was Everything,” focusing on ten Greek rescuers, including one of her own from Crete. Her writing has been published in several collections, including Flares of Memory, an anthology published by Oxford University Press in 2001. She has served as a speaker, panelist, and board member for various organizations, and she was an interviewer for Steven Spielberg’s Visual History Foundation.


Dr. Willis has taught courses on Rescuers and Hidden Children at Carnegie Mellon University’s Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning and at the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh. Eight of Dr. Willis’ rescuers were recognized by Yad Vashem (Israel) as Righteous Among the Nations.


Further recognition for A Hidden Child in Greece


Your story deserves to be widely heard.”
—Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize–winning author and Holocaust survivor


“What a powerful and moving story it is.”
—Sir Martin Gilbert, official biographer of Winston Churchill, knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, and author of eighty-eight historical books


A Hidden Child in Greece is a monumental story that documents her family’s miraculous survival in a unique and moving way. It gives life to the principle of human dignity and courage as a universal precept . . . this book is a true light unto the nations.”
—Yaffa Eliach, author and creator of the first university-level Holocaust curriculum and the Tower of Life, a 1,500-photograph permanent display at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC


“Willis is Anne Frank, if Anne Frank had lived.”
—Diana Hume George, author and educator


“For me, the heart of this book is the family story—the real power lays in the intimate story you are able to describe very simply and movingly.”
—Mark Mazower, director, modern European history, Columbia University

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